ACE Day Care


ACE Family Childcare has all the policies in place as per “Community Care Facilities Licensing” regulation. Once a child enrolls at our center, complete parent package will be provided, and all parents are required to go through the policies below and sign them where applicable.

  • Fire safety plan
  • Registration form and immunization information
  • Emergency consent card
  • Missing child policy
  • Illness/wellness policy
  • Guiding children’s behavior policy
  • Drop off and pick up policy
  • Drop off and pick up policy 2
  • Medication policy
  • Sunscreen and insect repellent policy
  • Requirement to report suspected abuse or neglect
  • Confidentiality policy
  • Emergency evacuation policy
  • Child supervision policy
  • Affordable childcare benefit (ACCB) policy
  • Field trip Authorization
  • Photograph and video release /permission form
  • Permission to apply skin care products
  • Emergency medical treatment authorization
  • Authorization for pick up
  • Medication Authorization form
  • Physician’s direction to administer NON-PRESCRIPTION medication
  • Parent/Guardian permission to Administer NON-PRESCRIPTION medication
  • Transportation permission
  • Attendance Record
  • Client files
  • Active play and screen time policies
  • Tobacco, cannabis and nicotine-free policy

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